• analytics

    Annoyance Analytics

    The other day I was annoying Mr. VS as I typically do on a DAILY/HOURLY/MINUTE (ly ?) basis and it occurred to me that I need some kind of statistics to tell me if my [...]
  • archaeology

    Internet Archaeology

    You know what’s weird?  The internet will someday be a weird spooky graveyard. Think about it…the ‘nets has really only been around for maybe 15-20 years. [...]
  • asses

    Broken, The Internet Is

    So there are some people out there that think they are going to break the internet with their ass. These ‘people’ shall remain nameless since I can’t stand [...]
  • hiking

    A Wooden Anniversary with Hiking

    Mr. VS and I just celebrated our “Wooden” Anniversary.  For those not in the know, a wooden anniversary is 5 years and Mr. VS and I are enjoying wooden wedded [...]
  • No Picture

    I’m Not Medicated

    I stopped taking my anxiety meds and Birth control (obvi) for procreation reasons because I wanted my body to be less of a bombed out medicinal wasteland for you [...]
  • No Picture

    Aliens: Not as Scary

    When I was a kid I was terrified of aliens. In the fifth grade our teacher showed us all these films about people seeing flying saucers and being abducted (and probed [...]
  • eye-rolls


    I’m a certified Germ-o-phobe and I will proclaim and admit all you like.  What I’ve realized recently about being a Germ-o is that it’s not really about [...]

The “Feeling Hellish” Fairy

by Victoria Sawyer in Health

I was driving home from work the other day when I started thinking about how shitty I’ve been feeling lately.  And whenever I think about how shitty I feel, I think [...]


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