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Those Notes, a Single Voice, Speaking

piano-largerI want to get to the place where inspiration flows.  It grabs my hand, pulling it across the page as fast as my thoughts can fly and I don’t want to stop it.  I want to let it run free and wild like a child introduced to a field, running under the blue sky, the yellow gold sun.  All of this, hand aching, to create spur of the moment, forming squiggles that are communication themselves.  Saying things, yelling things.  Untethered.  Isn’t it always about finding freedom? Find that emotion, those notes that bring it wailing to the surface.  The guitar, the piano, a single voice, speaking truth, deep truth about life, about death, about how hard it all is, to stop the screams or to start them, to release, to let go for once, to know that you are genuine, human.

What Every Writer Wants
Dreamer Wake UpAngst Journal Entry – Anti- Beauty Queen

About Victoria Sawyer (283 Articles)
Victoria Sawyer is a blogger, author, graphic designer, social media enthusiast and mental health advocate. Shocking, honest, sarcastic and humorous, Victoria aims to make readers feel tangible emotions and physical sensations through writing that brings you into the mind and body of someone suffering from panic attacks, anxiety and this strange often darkly hilarious thing we call life. She published her novel Angst in 2013, which realistically and often graphically depicts life with mental illness. Along with crazy blogging, Victoria enjoys reading historical novels, playing with her naughty cats, engaging in rants and metaphysical existential meltdowns and using punctuation to excess in everything she writes.

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