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Turn Noun for Bacon

We’re trying out a little experiment for a friend of mine, Jessie of Jessie Janelle Reyna, called Turn Noun For What.  It’s basically where a bunch of bloggers create a blog post on command about a certain noun.  Today’s word bomb of the day, children, is: Bacon.


What can one really say about Bacon?  It’s delicious, that’s a known fact.

Yup, find me a quadrilateral STAT!

I need this bacon dispenser.

The romance, you guys.


And THEN, as I meandered the internet in search for inspiration, I saw a meme that said, change one word in a Movie Title/TV Show Title with the word Bacon and I said…GO!!

1. World War Bacon or Bacon War Z

2. Secondhand Bacon (Still delicious)

3. Bacon-Ass or Kick-Bacon (GROSS)

4. The Bacon Knight or… The Dark Bacon

5. The Princess Bacon or… The Bacon Bride (any man’s dream)

6. How to Train your Bacon  (ummm?)

7. The Bacon Files  (secret bacon stories? Alien bacon?)

8. American Bacon Story   (Too perfect for us American’s.  Our story is a bacon story)

9. The Girl with the Bacon Tattoo  (AHAHA)

10. Magic Bacon or Bacon Mike   (Now Bacon Mike, that’s a movie I’d see!)

11. The Bacon Games or… The Hunger Bacon

12. BaconLand  (Sort of like DisneyLand, it’s BACONLAND!!)

13. Saving Private Bacon or… Saving Bacon Ryan

14. Legends of the Bacon

15. Bacon Club

16. Finding Bacon  (a grocery store epic?)

17. Mean Bacon or Bacon Girls   (MEAN BACON!! AHAHAHA. Maybe when it destroys your digestion?)  

18. How I Met Your Bacon  (A love story?)

19. Water for Bacon or… Bacon for Elephants  (California?)

20. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Bacon

21. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Bacon

22. Beauty and the Bacon or… Bacon and the Beast (HAHA…nom nom nom)

23. SpaceBacon

24. Bacon Instinct  (I think we all have a bacon instinct)

25. The Bacon Sense  (Your tingly sense, when bacon is present)

26. Interview with the Bacon  (Yeah, interview with my MOUTH bacon!)

27. Sixteen Bacons or… Bacon Candles  (AHAHA…BACON candles.  I think they actually make this)

28. The Wizard of Bacon or… The Bacon of Oz

29. Bacon, Inc.  (A bacon related business)

30. Dude, Where’s my Bacon?  (Typical)

31. The King’s Bacon or… The Bacon’s Speech

32. Gone Bacon Gone or… Gone Baby Bacon  (When there’s no more bacon.  Said theatrically)

33. The Bacon Saints

34. Bacon Basterds or Inglorious Bacon (jerks obsessed with bacon? Or a bacon related WWII plot?)

35. Breakfast at Bacon’s or… Bacon at Tiffany’s  (A classy bacon affair)

36. The Breakfast Bacon or… The Bacon Club  (A high school club devoted to bacon?)

37. The Bacon Redemption  (when someone steals your bacon and then wants forgiveness?)

38. Pulp Bacon or… Bacon Fiction (Yuck or a fascinating read? John Travolta?)

39. The Good, the Bad and the Bacon  (a gunfight over bacon?)

40. The Silence of the Bacon  (when your bacon no longer sizzles?)

41. It’s a Wonderful Bacon  (well, yea!)

42. Raiders of the Lost Bacon  (an archaeologist trying to find ancient bacon-love?)

43. Back to the Bacon

44. Full Bacon Jacket  (bacon for later? Survival bacon?  War bacon?)

45. 2001: A Bacon Odyssey  (That time you were hung over and wanted some bacon, back in 2001)

46. Monty Python and the Holy Bacon  (a quest for holy bacon?)

47. Eternal Bacon of the Spotless Mind or… Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Bacon  (When all you can think about is bacon)

48. Bacon Confidential  (bacon secrets!  JUICY!!)

49. Good Bacon Hunting  (Godspeed my friend)

50. Baconspotting

51. No Bacon for Old Men  (HAHA.  Why?  Poor old men.  Bacon cruelty)

52. There Will Be Bacon  (Sunday morning)

53. Guardians of the Bacon

54. The Bacon Ultimatum  (when you tell someone it’s either Bacon or you)

55. Bacon’s Anatomy  (the body that bacon built? A hospital epic drama)

56. The Bacon Diaries

57. The Big Bacon Theory  (that no one can resist bacon?)

58. Bacon and Recreation  (When you eat bacon and then need to visit a state park?)

59. Bacon Collar  (What??)

60. Pretty Little Bacon  (Ummm?)

61. BaconHood  (a bacon lover who takes bacon from the rich and gives to the poor?)

62. Bacon Break  (A bacon snack or when you steal bacon?)

63. Bacon Meets World or… Boy Meets Bacon (Sounds like a love story, or the story of Mr. VS’s life)

64. The Secret Life of the American Bacon  (!!!…yeah we eat it)

65. Law & Order: Bacon Intent or Law & Order: Special Bacon Unit  (When your bacon goes missing and you need a detective)

66. Buffy the Bacon Slayer  (a girl who eats massive quantities of bacon? She literally slays the bacon)

67. The Bacon Bunch  (a family who loves bacon)

68. Bacon on Wheels  (??? haha)

69. America’s Next Top Bacon or… Bacon’s Next Top Model  (I’d watch Bacon’s Next Top Model)

70. Baconstar Galactica or… Battlestar Bacon  (a galactic war about precious bacon resources?)

71. Bacon Busters  (Busting bacon myths?)

72. Baconaholics  (yes)

73. Friday Night Bacon  (celebratory Bacon)

74. Saved by the Bacon   (when your had a rough day and it was saved by Bacon)

75. Bacon Whisperer   (a bacon chef?)

76. Bacon with the Stars  (I would watch this! Stars eating bacon!)

77. Bacon Impossible or… Mission Bacon  (again with trying to find the bacon! We’re always on a quest for bacon)

78. Bacon Graffiti

79. An American Bacon in Paris   (OMG…just picture this!)

80. Bacon Now or Apocalypse Bacon   (when you need Bacon ASAP or there will be an apocalypse)

81. Baconjuice  (Eww? Yum?)

82. Blazing Bacon or… Bacon Saddles  (Hot off the griddle!)

83.  Bacon N The Hood or… Boyz N the Bacon  (Bacon for gangsters)

84. Citizen Bacon

85. Close Encounters of the Bacon Kind  (All encounters with bacon are “close”)

86. Baconless  (A horror story)

87. Dawn of the Bacon or… Bacon of the Dead  (Eww?)

88. The Bacon Hunter

89. Bacon Hard  (Crispy bacon? or badass bacon)

90. Fatal Bacon or… Bacon Attraction  (When bacon will kill you (heart attack?), but you’re still salivating)

91. For Whom the Bacon Tolls  (The bacon tolls for thee)

92. Bacon Face or… Funny Bacon  (When you’ve stuffed your face with massive quantities of bacon)

93. Gentleman Prefer Bacon   (AHAHAHA, yes they do)

94. The Last Bacon Hero

95. A Bacon of Their Own or… A League of Their Bacon

96. Bacon on 34th Street

97. Bacon Rouge  (A bacon beauty product?)

98. Much Ado about Bacon  (Well DUH!)

99. Mutiny on the Bacon or… Bacon on the Bounty

100. Bacon without a Cause or… Rebel without a Bacon

101. Reservoir Bacon  (When you horde bacon so you can eat more later)

102. Risky Bacon or… Bacon Business  (Bacon on the black market?)

103. The Baconator (Arnie?)

104. How to Lose a Bacon in 10 Days (this would be a terrible film)

And now my bacon obsessed acolytes, you must view the other peeps who posted about Bacon today as part of Turn  Noun for What!!

WHAT?! What!? YEA!!

Jessie of Jessie Reyna

Alanna of White Girls Be Like…

Ben of Ben’s Bitter Blog

Jamie of Fits of Wit

Gina of Endearingly Wacko





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4 Comments on Turn Noun for Bacon

  1. This is hilarious. And I must say, the meme calling bacon splatters “bacon kisses” is genius. Instead of getting pissed every time it happens, I’ll feel a little loved.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HAHA! “Full Bacon Jacket” just killed me


  3. Annie Emmy Evans // April 16, 2015 at 2:18 pm // Reply

    These are hilarious. Especially “Much Ado About Bacon”. Totally.

    Liked by 1 person

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