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Debunking the Great Dress Code Debate

Asking men not to ogle at ladies is like asking cats not to play with strings. It’s not gonna happen.

It’s all over the news these days, young girls trying to get schools to change their dress code because they feel that it’s sexist and impinges upon their rights as human beings. While I agree that some dress codes can be a bit draconian and I do believe that the sexes should be treated with equality, I gotta say that for the most part I don’t think these girls are living in the real world.  I get it, they’re young and think they understand the world.  I was that way once too, however with age comes wisdom and I can see the flaws in their thinking.

First let’s address the fact that they are kidding themselves if they believe that the only time in their life that they will have to abide by a dress code is in school. Their shortsightedness is limiting them to just one view, acting as though when high school ends, they’ll be able to dress as they please no matter where they go and that this “right” they assume the rest of us have should be given to them early. We need to stop trying to control these underage girls, clearly we’re assholes.

News flash, I’m not sure you’ll find a job without a dress code unless you work for yourself or work from home in your pjs all day.  I work in an office and while there isn’t a draconian dress code, there are standards.  I’m not coming to work in spaghetti straps, short mini-skirts or baring my mid-riff at all.  It’s not about limiting rights, it’s about being respectful of your place of business.  It’s about showing that you are serious and professional. And this applies to both MEN and WOMEN.  No one is showing a lot of skin because it would be inappropriate for either sex.

The same applies to school.  I don’t believe you see male students going to class with tiny muscle shirts, mid-riff baring shirts or extremely short shorts. So why should the dress code be different for girls?  Why should girls be allowed to show more skin than the guys?  If the ladies want things to be equal, then they should wear the same coverage as the guys. If we start to see guys flaunting their bodies in skimpy clothes, then we can reassess.

I hate to touch on this because I’m sure some feminists will try to take me down, but it’s a biological fact that men are different from women. As a married women, I can tell you, they are different, they cannot help that they are different or that their minds work differently. Are they distracted by a woman wearing scraps of clothing that fail to cover them, yes they are, and teenage boys are the worst, their sex drives/hormones are at their peak. Is it their fault? Nope, it’s fucking BIOLOGY and they can try to fight it, but they will fail.  Procreation of the species is very important to ALL living creatures.

Is it a women’s fault that men are like this?  No, of course it’s not a women’s fault.  However, it is a fact that men are like this and no matter what their age, they are distracted by women’s bodies.  It’s a truth that cannot be denied, no matter how much girls would like it to change. I’ve witnessed first hand how a man’s sexual hormones can control him.  It sucks for us women at times, but it’s a fact of nature and not something they can just turn off or ignore.  They can choose whether or not to ACT on their urges and most men in our society choose not to act, however their minds are a different story. They can’t just turn the thoughts off and focus on something else. They are very single minded creatures.  It’s fucking biology.  It’s SCIENCE kiddos.

What these young girls often fail to realize is that men OF ANY AGE are ogling them when they wear skimpy clothes.  When I was young, I would often get angry if older men were looking at me when I dressed sexy.  I was naive enough to believe that only guys my age would look at me.  That’s dead wrong.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if all high school guys got up in arms and were like, We can’t study with all these half naked ladies running around!  We’re never going to get a scholarship to college!  Damn you women you’re restricting our rights to a good education and using our own biology against us! But you know they don’t want to shoot themselves in the foot. Of course they want to take a look at whatever the ladies are showing.

It also amuses me that these young girls are trying to hide their desire to dress sexy and be noticed by claiming that it’s their “right” to dress as they wish and that the “man” can’t keep them down.  What we really know is that they’ve all got an alternative reason for wanting to change dress codes and that’s because they want to look hot to whomever it is they are attracted to.  I was a teenage girl, I know this!  I didn’t dress sexy for any other reason! It certainly wasn’t for me or to make me happy. It was because I wanted people to LOOK at me.  I wanted to be noticed by the opposite sex and it’s hilarious that they get angry when they get the response they want and people are looking at them. Look at ME..NO DON’T YOU FUCKING ANIMAL! I’m dressing this way for ME because having my stomach and ass revealed makes me feel whole. It completes me! Really?

The same principal applies but in the opposite now that I’ve realized that ALL men of any age ogle women all the time.  So for work, I don’t want to be ogled by my workmates, so I don’t dress sexy at work.  I don’t want to be noticed for my body, I want to be noticed as a PERSON with a MIND that is working on job related tasks. This applies to EVERYONE.  Men and women dress a certain way for work because they want to be taken seriously as people with MINDS, not as sexy bodies. And trust me, there are men who have dead sexy bodies, but it doesn’t matter, they have to cover it up at work or the ladies will be distracted.

Yes, it fucking sucks that men are like this. But let me reiterate, we cannot change how their minds biologically work.  The only thing we can change is our response.  Do we want attention or do we not want attention? Let’s be fucking realistic here. So yes, for school, I’m sorry ladies, but just like for work, get fucking serious and dress appropriately. What you wear on your own time, is up to you. You don’t see boys going around flaunting their bodies in the classroom, so therefore you don’t get to do it either.  That’s what’s fair and equal. School is about learning MINDS, not about showcasing hot bodies.

And girls remember, college is just a few years away and it’s your best chance to dress as sexy as you want, so take advantage of that because most colleges don’t have dress codes and trust me, I’ve seen how the girls in college dress.  However, keep in mind that you will be eye fucked by other students, faculty, staff, and passersby of all ages. Older men will and do drive by college campuses to get an eye full. It’s natural for people to look at each other and if you don’t like the attention, cover yourself up. I’m sorry, but we all have bodies and we all have eyes, I don’t really see any of that changing any time soon, so deal with it.

I’m not trying to defend men or belittle women here.  I want us to be equal and I fully agree that people should dress however they want on their own time. What I’m saying is, recognize that men are different and we can’t expect them to control their thoughts. It’s like asking someone with a mental illness to control their obsessive thoughts.  They can try, but it’s really hard to do.  Men are basically mentally ill when it comes to ogling women and thinking sexual thoughts. Give them a break.

And girls, stop acting like being equal means you get to wear a bikini to school while guys wear regular clothes.  How is that equal? And furthermore, if we all have the right to dress skimpy, then I’m gonna have to deal with the old chubby guys wearing short shorts, ratty butt crack flaunting sweatpants, and muscle shirts to show off the lack thereof. It’s their right and I can’t complain that I’m distracted and can’t concentrate for the opposite reason than the teenage boys. Apparently, only GOOD looking people can dress sexy and distract others, but that’s another “us versus them” blog post all together.

Cleary, this all assumes that guys aren’t making sexually inappropriate comments or being sexually suggestive, rude, aggressive etc.  That’s really not cool and does restrict our rights as women.

Personally, I think men should cover up their minds and emotions because they’re just too damn sexy! I can’t concentrate! COVER IT UP!! TEASE! IMPINGING ON MY RIGHTS!!!


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5 Comments on Debunking the Great Dress Code Debate

  1. Oh my god this is hilarious. I agree 100%. I’ve seen some pretty stupid articles of students being sent home for their clothes when in all honesty, it was barely showing off anything. It’s completely true that in high school, we thought we knew everything. Poor men being accused of something that they A. haven’t even expressed openly and B. can’t really control. I certainly would be distracted if a guy showed up to school in swim trunks and that’s it.


  2. Reblogged this on A Day On The Plains and commented:
    This. Is. A. Great. Rebuttal To Those Who Think The Rest Of Us Are Infringing On Their Right To Dress How They Want As An Expression of Self. She brings up some wonderful points and the whole thing is pretty funny. I completely agree, too, by the way 😀 so read it! …. Seriously. Takes like 10 minutes tops :):)


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